Brow Extensions


If your brows are spotty or just plain thin, and you’re tired of penciling them in, there is an alternative that Brow Extensions, “It’s instant gratification, get the brows you’ve always wanted.


Brow Extensions are temporary tiny synthetic minx hairs with an adhesive glue and tweezers to your existing brow hairs and directly to your skin to build out a longer, fuller brow.

Last 24-48 hours. Need to be careful when cleansing and sleeping.

Use oil-free cleansers when you wash your face so you don’t break down the glue, being mindful that you’re not rubbing your eyes or brows, and sleeping on your back.

If they get brushed out of place, she suggests using your fingertip to gently nudge them back into the shape your technician created.

What are the benefits of the service?
Eyebrows are so inherently important for the symmetry of your face and youth-giving, you can look years younger.

No more penciling in! With hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, scars, and over-plucking. So women were really looking for a solution other than dealing with the hassle of trying to pencil in their brows or put powder in or waxing to hide them.
When women have perfect eyebrows and perfect lashes to frame their face, can wear less eye makeup- you don’t need it!

Video from The Doctors show- Eye Brow Extensions – newest beauty craze!