Cluster Lashes- Temporary Full Beautiful Lashes

Want full beautiful lashes with out the maintenance?  Try Cluster Lashes- Express Lashes at Modish Studios

For those who want gorgeous temporary eyelashes for special events like date night, prom, homecoming, weddings, dance teams, etc.bride with express lashes 2

  • Lasts 3-7 days – not meant for long wear
  • Application takes only 20-45 minutes 
  • Small bundles of single lashes
  • Affixed to a cluster of your natural lashes using temporary adhesive.
  • Come in synthetic, silk or mink and in various sizes
    for different looks
  • Temporary Lashes- last 5-10 days

    Bride with cluster Lashes- last 3-7 days

  • Fall out naturally within 7 days. Can also be removed with eyelash remover.

What’s the difference between Express Lashes and Xtreme Lashes®?
 Click here for more info.


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