Competition Black Out

By Norvell… for Competition/Stage Tanning

A trial tan is recommended for new black out clients 15-30 days prior to event. We offer a trial tan, in case you would like to come in for one spray session prior to the event. We recommend it, however it is up to the client. We want the tan to be perfect; you’ve worked too hard for anything less than perfection. Here are the recommended steps to achieve a “competition ready” tan:

Exfoliate 24 hours prior to Black Out application.

Recommend spray schedule** for a Saturday competition event:
• Thursday morning: 1st deep full body spray
• Friday morning: warm water rinse *
• Friday morning: 2nd deep full body spray
• Saturday early morning: warm water rinse *
• Saturday early morning: 3rd full body spray

*   Warm-water-only rinsing between spray sessions is recommended to avoid stripping of color.

** 2-3 sessions may be necessary to achieve desired color.

Immediately prior to event:
Contestant may apply additional color where needed using Black Out™ Lotion (8 oz tube). 
Contestant may also apply Shine™ muscle defining spray prior to stepping to the stage for added sheen under lights.

Post event:
Modish recommends a deep exfoliating treatment such as sea salt scrub or lemon juice to combat DHA drying effects and to remove unwanted color.

“…excited to be affiliated with Modish Studios.

Incredible service, product, quality AND such 

a lovely team of ppl to work with! My one-stop

shop for photo shoots and competitions!”

Xtine” Anne
INBF FitBody competitor, TeamGlo athlete, FSN pro
and fitness model uses Norvell’s Black Out
(pictured at right)