Lash|Brow Tinting

Semi-Permanent tinting, eyebrow and eyelash tinting
Treatment lasts about four to six weeksLash Tinting
Lash tinting  takes around 20 minutes. Lash Specialist applies Vaseline around the eye, a protective pad is placed under the bottom lashes to cover the skin below. After tint is applied to the lashes on closed eyes, the dye will set for seven minutes before the lash specialist applies a second coat. After an additional seven minutes, the lash pad is removed and the eye area (including the lashes) is wiped clean and rinsed.

Keep up the color! Avoid oil-based moisturizers, cleansers, or wipes. They will dissolve your tints faster. As for makeup, wearing mascara or brow pencil over your tint is absolutely fine!

Brow Tinting
Brow tinting, a Lash Specialist applies Vaseline to the skin surrounding the hair. This protects the skin and prevents the dye from bleeding onto it. Then the tint is painted directly onto the brow.

The dye sets for 10 minutes, and any residue is gently removed with a wet cloth.  Keep in mind, the tint doesn’t work like a tattoo. The dye only colors the existing hairs.

Tinting is safe for all customers—men, women, and even expecting moms!”