Strip Lashes, Cluster Lashes & Lash Extensions- Are not the same!

At Modish Studios we offer Cluster Lashes and individual lash extensions! Cluster lashe should not be worn more than 7 days. Individual lashes can be worn indefinitely with a fill every two weeks. #modishstudios #lashextensions

Modish Studios offers cluster lashes for temporary wear using temporary glue and Xtreme Lash extensions for long term wear.

Strip lashes, cluster lashes, and lash extensions are not the same thing.

Strip lashes, cluster lashes, and eyelash extensions are all very different.
Strip lashes are designed for personal application and for one night wear ability.
Cluster lashes are the exact same concept with a differently dramatic end result. Neither strip lashes nor cluster lashes should ever be applied with eyelash extension adhesive. Period. Eyelash extension glue should never come in contact with the skin which is the contact point for strip and cluster lashes. Get it, got it, good.
Lash extensions are semi-permanent and applied by professionals who use isolation techniques and high quality products. The results last weeks and you don’t have to worry about a lash strip coming loose at an inopportune moment. You wake up looking gorgeous and ready to go.

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